Our Team

Let us Handle all, No Stress. No Hassle ...

Here at David Balicargo we have a youthful and energetic team. All of our team are under 40 years old and most are under 30 years old. Together we have a wide range of experience in the shipping business, either operational staff that handles all the paperwork and packaging of your cargo shipping correctly or marketing staff who are professionally handling your shipment and keeping you up to date with 24H customer service online.

The teams from each division are ready to be part of your shipment and handle it correctly until it arrives safely at the destination and get the delivery completed by either us here in Bali or by one of our overseas partners.

Our team will handle all, you just need to give us the copy of invoices from a supplier or multi suppliers you have been purchasing the products from here on the island. Once a marketing staff member makes the shipment reservation, our professional staff will take over the next steps of handling such as:

  • Pick up or collection arrangement from any suppliers.
  • Do all the paperwork needed correctly.
  • Do the best packaging under international standard according to cargo or goods characteristic.
  • Fumigation treatment.
  • Earlier booking to airline or shipping line being our contractual carriers.
  • Dispatch all cargo to each destination as agreed.

Your cargo is being handled by the right team. No need to worry, for customers satisfaction is our major goal and top priority in the business.

For further info or any enquiries from our team and your shipment updates please contact us

we will follow up your enquiry with our 24/7 online service